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November 12, 2020


down in jah-may-Ka
not jamaica but jah-may-Ka gotta say it right

small television in stripped down room 

hold no fancy for this one

go out to mingle and jingle

borrow motorbike from a friend

out in the street down the narrow crowded alleyways 

people selling trinkets t-shirts tea

behind the stores selling something else 

steamy evening punctuated with hot breeze

beehive of activity going on

revving the engine - girls turn heads

filling the tummy with island rum from coconut shell

no jerk chicken for me thank you

now cruising to the beach

parties going on don’t ya know

kick up rumpus all night long

little kids running all over the place

ocean bath water little relief

head spinning lay down in wet sand

water splashing me little roar in my ears

just let me be I’ll be alright 

mi soon come

pass out - fall asleep - I don’t know 

party still going strong

reggae tones paint the night

got second wind ready now

no laugh at me silly girl

as the natives say “de olda de moon, de brighter it shines”