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November 15, 2020

Old Satellite Dish

mid-1980’s six foot satellite dish; couple thou it was
didn’t have cable tv where I lived

out in the sticks turn left past the boondocks

satellite box with it, got it hooked up

hundreds of channels for free

sports, movies, foriegn language, armed forces tv

HBO, The Movie Channel, Cinemax, MTV

Nashville Network, Learning Channel (when it was worth watching)

Hit Video USA, Arts & Entertainment (A&E, again when it was good)

CBC Hockey Night In Canada

Blackhawks, Red Wings, Blues, L.A. Kings Prime Ticket

Rangers, Islanders

occasional ‘wild feeds’ - hostage situations

announcers who didn’t know

‘we’ were listening to them during commercials HOT MIC ALERT!

satellite broadcasting magazine subscriptions

Galaxy 1 and 2, Telstar 301, Satcom 1, Westar 5 to name a few

the ‘birds’ out in space

used my girlfriends’ nail polish to mark them on the pole outside

good times came to an end though

networks caught on and started scrambling signals, no more movie channels

moved to another house, took the dish with me

by that time, couldn’t pick up nearly as much

cable tv there and punching a remote

easier than going out in the yard to move the dish

didn’t have no automatic dish tuner

it became obsolete obsolete, you are obsolete

weather took a toll on it started rusting

used it to chip golf balls into at the end

found somebody to take it off my hands

don’t remember what I got for it

I miss those days though