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November 18, 2020

Pro Shop Blues

9-hole executive course off rt. 6

par 35; 2700 yards from the tips

spent many an afternoon there 

driving range, pro shop, grill

late lunch/early dinner with a greasy hamburger

a glass of ice with a little coke 

leader in the clubhouse 

gray haired old man behind the counter

looked like old tom morris

disappointed he don’t have a scottish brogue

clubs for sale - clubs for rent

soda pop to drink - fifty cents

had a phone, no pool, no pets

brought my own cigarettes 

bags of tees, visors, hats

golf gloves, ball markers

spike marked dirty carpet

coming apart at the seams

gas powered golf carts outside 

putters of all shapes and makes

scorecards and little yellow pencils

for writing down your lies in graphite 

sign up for lessons, get advice

middle age blonde teeing off sure look nice

modern pro shops look like

clothing departments at the mall

but this place was old school; another time 

now it’s on the 19th hole