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November 21, 2020

How To Cast A Death Spell

the following should only be used
in extreme circumstances

instead of the rage ravishing you

causing you turmoil

channel it towards the one who has caused your strife

that whom has upended your life

cast a spell of doom upon them

for their unjust and evil actions 

write the name of the intended recipient(s)

down on a slip of paper

place it into a fire

size of the fire is not important 

it could be an inside altar

or in a fire pit or a bonfire

fire is fire is fire

as it burns and destroys

concentrate concentrate

let the feelings radiate

use every energy source within

feel it pulsing- vibrating with energy

bring it forth with the force

of a powerful tsunami reaching the shore

direct it at the intended

may evil fall upon them

may they suffer the pains of hell

for what they have done

so too reach out to every corner of the mystic world

call upon them to use their power

let the power reach out to the intended

and damn them to a wicked fate

one death or a thousand deaths 

a lifetime, albeit short, of misery 

the seemingly healthy struck down

victimized by an ‘unfortunate’ accident 

don’t laugh my friend 

I have seen it myself

it is not to be trifled with or used recklessly