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November 24, 2020


lazy summer morning afternoon
we’ll both be one-eight soon

I wish I was a willow tree

just standing outside your house to see

you to come outside in the backyard

planting flowers in the garden

under your big floppy sun hat

golden hair shining in the sun

kneeling on the green grass

digging in the brown dirt

roses and carnations red and pink like cadillacs 

maybe a swim in the in ground pool

with quivering baby blue water

your wet footprints disappearing on the hot concrete 

wrapping up in a striped beach towel that I wish I was

the smell of chlorine in the air 

ice cold lemonade in a plastic pitcher 

bologna and lettuce sandwich on a tray

lunch your mom made

outdoor wrought iron furniture 

big flowered cushions of orange and yellow

these kind of days won’t last forever

make the most of them while you can

these carefree days won’t last

damned adulthood coming up fast