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November 3, 2020

French Living

through the bramble the fescue the holly and some hedgerows
into the second cut, the deep stuff

in some french seaside blue red and white water crashing

it’s a cold sounding crash, not like key west crashing

look around and all you see is gray today

some wine and bread to go along

with supper on the wobbly wood table papa made years ago she says

a foreboding gusty wind straight outta paris

blowing through the gaps in the wooden walls

I could use some hot cafe au lait

Marie says oui and brings me some in a cracked cup

on a cracked gap-toothed plate

good though - mighty good

lights flicker on and off, light some candles

power can be so unreliable around here

two cats and a couple of dogs and some chickens

share the barnyard nobody’s the landlord

country living agreeing with this child

gray stone walls 13th century church

old spirits keep a watchful eye

croissants and brie in the morning

a walk down dirt roads birds singing alouetta