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October 19, 2020

The Real Real

ok mr. downtown man
rollin’ double 6’s towards the loop
bright lights, tall buildings, high rents
you wanna keep yourself in the express lanes and avoid the locals
but I’m tellin’ you that’s the real real
the real people
the real character
r. l. dukes oldsmobile ‘the deal maker’ 78th and the dan ryan
check out the latest toronado models
on the southside, the baddest part of town
the magikist red lips on 85th
carpet and rug cleaners they were
remember them well when I was a kid
they’re all gone now
port of chicago near 130th
the famous ‘ghost ship’
not much of a ghost ship
been sitting empty for decades
620 foot freighter 40 years docked
by the grain silos off the B. Ford
the ship will be gone soon supposedly
we’ll see won’t we
had a friend who lived off 111th
wonder if he’s still lives there
the pullman area//think old trains
union station south canal 255 new trains
chicago to denver via the california zephyr