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October 22, 2020

Hungry Horse

hungry horse the 406 in 59919
dive into the icee blue lakes crystal clear

i see a spotted bear and i haven’t been drinkin’////yet -

elkhorn grill have a bite

sloppy joe ground buffalo ya know

a side of mountain lion fries

i’m under a kalispell

esoteric mountain power in control

buffalo hill golf club vintage 1918

“the 12:17 tee time presenting from jersey ted ray”

the 1920 u.s. open golf champion

hungry horse reservoir 

glacier national chinese wall

53.5 miles or something like that

continental divide trail below

flathead deer lodge anaconda

flatland above the lake

whitefish mountain - blacktail mountain

backpack/tent all that’s needed

lost in the forest green

suffocating under the clouds that weigh heavy on me

food water knife montana rifle not a hawken though 

lewis and clark era map useless but looks good

don’t need no damned compass

I’ll ask a bear for directions if I get lost

grizzlys snow their way around

snow in the air - snow in my hair

goin’ wild in the wildness of the wilderness