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October 25, 2020

The Lost Mine

sidetracked but not bushwhacked - lost your way
lost your way but found yourself

superstitious mountains and their long ancient...uh, superstitions

mysteries casting their spells upon you - beckoning you

so you go off-road through the cold barren desert twilight 

at first light hiking to your fixed destiny in the shifting sands

under indifferent stars watercolored on the pale sky

turn around in every direction and it all looks the same

mounds and ridges of dunes - cactus - undistinguished brown brush

scorpions and sandstorms, hostile winter weather

it can get mighty cold in the desert at night

maybe a mountain lion stalk you 

maybe you slipped off a ledge - went over the edge

while you looked for lost gold nobody’s found

treasure that may or may not even be there

tumbling down down down

down to the brown unforgiving ground with nary a sound

to a part of the earth that hides you 

now you lost to the world 

far away from where the flash floods flow

but one day years away...maybe they find your bones

in a crevice tucked the beaten trail

but you went where you wanted to go 

died doing what you liked to do, who should judge you 

it’s not so bad really 

better there than dying in some office

or having a coronary carrying somebody’s suitcase

nobody knows for sure what happened 

you became yet another mystery of the mountains