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October 28, 2020

Election Day

signs signs everywhere it’s signs
red white and blue predominantly the colors of the day
stars and american flags aplenty - election day is here
vote early and often is the that joke that goes around here
the mayor gets 90% of the dead vote ha-ha
free donuts for poll workers in there
mostly senior citizens who probably voted for william howard taft at one time friends of politicians
wearing their lucky tie among their superstitions
they’ll be free pizza later
standing in line with the neighbors
I don’t talk even talk to or even know
turnout heavy - they’ve run out of the little ‘I voted’ stickers
with that, I should just go home and drink
a lot of voting places used to be in elementary schools
until we scared ourselves out of it -
all of us are potential kidnappers ya know
now it’s libraries and community centers
wish I’d filled out an absentee ballot
finally my i.d.// woman taking a long look
must be new here
looking at the ballot
a few names recognizable most not
who should I vote for
here’s somebody named gloria
I once knew a girl in high school named gloria - she was nasty
so that’s a well informed no vote for that candidate
throw all the judges out, they’ve locked up a lot of my friends
guy who was county treasurer then died
his wife became county treasurer then died
now their daughter running for treasurer
uh no, that’s enough
any socialists/communists running?
there’s too many choices
it was easier in the old country
only one choice, better make sure you fill it out too
or you might disappear the next day
at least you had peace of mind knowing who was going to win