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October 16, 2020

Small Rural Towns

mom and pop restaurants cheap eats
two eggs, bacon, toast—little containers of grape jelly
world weary waitresses; some friendly

some indifferent just trying to get through the day 

short order cooks on the run from the law

a room full of the usual suspects none beyond reproach 

rundown gas stations with shady mechanics 

smiley people with free orange juice and something to sell you

timeshares real estate other regrettable investments

seedy old hotels with long gone neon signs

reclaimed by mother nature’s weed army

vending machines with tonight’s 4-course dinner 

potato chips, fritos, candy bar, coca-cola 

worn doors dirty windows covered with frayed curtain

truckers pulling out of overflow parking lots

getting up early, gotta make time

laundromats with sad looking people in them

people with faces colored with resignation 

teenage girls with three kids thumbing through old magazines 

dead grass back yards with clothes drying on a line

blowing in a stiff southern wind

broken screen doors on front porches

full of big wheels,chairs; metal, wicker, rattan

people sitting in them staring into space

haunted by their lives

cursed by their fate