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October 13, 2020

The Perfect Cocktail

a little bit of yin and a little bit of yang
you got the perfect cocktail

tart and tangy with a kick

smooth as silk going down

a little bit of ice...crushed is my preference 

as the thin man said

the most important thing is the rhythm - you gotta have rhythm 

always have a rhythm in your shaking

now for a manhattan you shake it to foxtrot time

a bronx to two-step time…that is gin vermouth and orange juice

to the unenlightened among us

but a dry martini you always shake to waltz time

black russian vodka and kahlua HEY!

maybe you’d like a french connection of amaretto and cognac OUI!

pound down a black nail - irish whisky and irish mist. AYE!

the origin of a cocktail is of unknown origin 

you’ve got to have balance man

you gotta be olga korbut on that balance beam - nadia comaneci like

keep on the straight and narrow

be of pure flight like an arrow

with the right ingredients and the right rhythm 

you’ll go as far as the stars