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October 10, 2020

One With Nature

he had been walking in the wild and became tired
so he built a fire and fell asleep by the river and became the river

twisting and turning, splashing and flowing

rising over rocks and logs

going along on his way to the ocean

he looked up at the sky and became a cloud

drifting silently changing shapes effortlessly

content to let the wind dictate his direction and pace

or simply hovering above the green and blue earth

no hurry to get anywhere

gazing at a mountain, he became a mountain

standing tall above it all 

home for the mountain lion and elk

moose, deer, bighorn sheep, brown bears, black bears, gray wolves

cougars, bobcats, and the always friendly wolverine

he lay under an evergreen and became an evergreen

fragrant, lush, catching the snow in the winter

blue spruce, white fir, eastern hemlock, western hemlock

he didn’t know what he was and it didn’t matter

he had found happiness in nature

when he woke up, he was just a man

like he had been before

he was disappointed for he wanted to become

a river, a cloud, a mountain, an evergreen

a man seemed so...unnatural