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October 1, 2020


rolled into town fancy double decker bus
chivay pronounced chi-vie 12000 above sea level
some kind of local celebration

parade, horse show, dancers in traditional dress

peruvian bands playing old peruvian songs

danced to by peruvian women young and old

danced to by incas hundreds of years ago

panchos, Indiana Jones hats, chuyos, blankets, cloth purses

displayed on old no longer for sale blanket in the andes sun

beads bracelets trinkets

hidden doors in the market stalls to take you who knows where

misti volcano hop, santa catalina monastery 

chili river around mountains

in chivay i’ve never felt so high

good dinner of chifa restaurante deliciouso 

street dogs shooed out seeking food and warmth 

plaza de armas like a castle 

sitting in golden glow on park bench

peddlers selling questionable hot chocolate

tempting but no desire for tummy discomfort later

colca inn 2nd floor room nice and roomy 

night is frigid with only space heater that heats no space

laying under alpaca blankets heavy with warmth

slumber shattered by midnight fireworks 

pop pop bang bang BOOM!

no investigation; too cold and sleepy 

soundeded like a good time 

up early — feed street dogs hotel breakfast standing outside 

feeling disconnected from the world 

on the bus colca canyon bound