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October 4, 2020

Andean Condors

up early for pan (bread) and cafe (coffee)
not far from freezing chivay

sunlight like searchlight at first light

bright yellow rays into bleary blue eyes

peeking through mountaintops coming out of the sky

touching the darkness of the valley

spreading the sensation of warmth like smooth melting mantequilla 

buses walking on eggshells avoiding making a human omelette 

passing fallen rocks that warn of danger

standing cliff side an-ti-ci-pation anticipay-ay-tion

giant condors (vultur gryphus) to obscure ornithologists--

authentic wearers of black horn-rimmed glasses out there 

not wannabe trendies 

condors suddenly appear and soar

gliding on invisible waves and fair winds

majestic magical magnificent 

long life and eternity my friends 

steps up steps down

90 minutes of wonder

without warning the condors seem to vaporize