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September 28, 2020


riding around down a country road when I saw my brother
waved at him and he waved back

got a lot in common with mr. scarecrow

we both repel, people in my case, crows and birds in his

we both just kinda have a way to say stay away

out there in the sun and the rain he is

don’t make no mattermind to him

I hide from the sun, thrive in the rain

emerge from the darkness under neon lights 

don’t think I’m so scary but maybe I am

am I that menacing? intimidating? frightening?

moody maybe, quiet definitely

behind the dark sunglasses 

maybe an aura of leave me alone

so what’s wrong with that? I just need someone to understand me

nobody’s got time for that

nobody cares

crows are scared of the scarecrow initially

then they get used to him

they aren’t dumb, they figure it out after a while

you have to keep moving him around so they think he’s real

change his clothes once in a while

I should try that sometime, maybe it works

they often are made up to be scary looking

that’s probably my makeup too

some people project death and fear onto a scarecrow

I can identify with that