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September 20, 2020

Grandfather, Father, Son

tiptoeing past the mausoleum
trying not to step on any graves - bad luck you know
long stringy weeds reaching out trying to trip me up
dead leaves on dead footstones of dead people
some old, some not so old, some young
I find myself wondering what their lives were like
what they died from
some of the veterans graves are seemingly obvious
1918, 1944, 1945 us army--navy
children dying before their parents
always sad to see
no death is more hurtful than the death of a child they say
reminds me of the old story
the rich man was seeking wisdom
so he sought out the wisest man in the mountains
the wise man told the rich man
grandfather dies, father dies, son dies--
rich man said what? are you crazy? what kind of message is that?
explain yourself fool!
“first, when I said grandfather dies, I meant no man should die before he has a grandson
to carry on his legacy and so forth
when I said father dies, I meant no man should die before he has a son
to call his own and carry on his family name
finally, when I said son dies, I meant that no son should die
until both his grandfather and his father have passed away before him
as it should be
this is the natural order of things
it would be a great blessing for your family.”
rich man has an a-ha moment