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September 23, 2020

Cabin In Siberia

it distracts for a few hours like a couple of strong drinks
hockey takes my mind off things, you know the way they are
work, life, life, life, that miserable cesspool
insignificant in the grand scheme of things I suppose
doesn’t pay the rent or for the food
but I like watching it anyway, I had a friend who played
the goalie says his house in northern new hampshire
reminds him of home in siberia
cold-- - very cold, lots of woods
remote...far away from the craziness
visited only by a passing moose, maybe a crazy moose
that got me thinking about...
crazy but I’d like to live in siberia
far from the madding crowd as hardy once wrote
in some log cabin with fireplace
a view of snow glistening pristinely in the winter sun
maybe a view of the mountains but the woods would do
cabin fever wouldn’t live here
trusty axe for chopping small trees but only if they were dead
I wouldn’t feel right cutting down a live one
snowshoes even though I don’t know how to use them
vodka, coffee, lots and lots of coffee, some books
probably no wifi out there
guess I’d need a lantern for reading at night
tolstoy, dostoevsky, pasternak
maybe Rasputin’s ghost would stop by for some vodka
probably after a while I’d see the ghosts of Lenin and Stalin
the good times we would have a-ha-ha-ha