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September 17, 2020

Walden Pond, MA

 walden pond massachusetts route 126 route 2
pay for parking - NO DOGS ALLOWED!
thoreau’s cabin in replica. nice
he said simplify, simplify and so I try
wish I could spend 2 years in the woods by myself
in reality, he was not far from others
had visitors from time to time
walks in the woods, meditation
the joy of observing geese in the sky
the changing colour of the leaves
the coming of winter - lake frozen, trees bare
looking out a frosted window at wildlife passing by
the spring thaw and return of much life
rebirth of the soul of nature 
the delightfulness of summer evening breezes
look around at what I’ve found 
lots of rocks placed on the ground
pointless symbolism I guess
people swimming, yelling, splashing in the pond
sacrilegious it seems
to this disenchanted time travelers dreams
narrow forest paths to traverse
ducks landing on sun coated water
solitude in short supply
maybe in fall or winter, I was there in summer
across on the other side find some quiet
except when the mta train rolls by
but it’s kinda cool when it does
ubiquitous gift shop t shirts pencils hats
trucks roaring by on the 4 lane while contemplating contemplation 
not quite what i expected
but what I should have expected