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July 12, 2020


reached a state of levitation 
occurred during my meditation 
soared into the stratosphere 
it all became so very clear
near was far and far was near

hovered over mars 
reached out and touched the stars
visited an astral plane
a little green man there knew my name
said hey earthman what’s your game 

touched down on the dark side of the moon
laid myself down on a dune
closed my eyes and grabbed some lunar dust
hate to come and go but I must
left the atmosphere with a thrust

ran into a comet on the way down
an asteroid shower don’t make no sound
must say I really enjoyed the solitude
of this celestial inspired mood
hope this don’t mean I’m comin’ unglued

woke up in the morning and it seemed like a dream
but I had a star in my pocket and my blanket was a moonbeam
tonight it don’t matter which way the winds blow
leaving for the constellation plateau

this rocketship is ready to go