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July 14, 2020

A Renaissance Man

alas, all the time wasted
sand through the hourglass 
what a fool I’ve been
I could have been learning the romance languages
or studying the renaissance
the great painters, composers, writers
seeing the art museums of europe
so many things I could have done
but I pissed it away doing nothing
not literally nothing but figuratively nothing
I did visit the Louvre years ago and the musee d’orsay in Paris
actually preferred the art in the d’orsay
should have taken that trip to Rome when I felt better than I do now
traveling with no reservations, no worries, no cares
now I have reservations, worries, and cares but no money
I’ll never listen to a great opera in person
with a fully packed audience
at the arena di verona
after a delicioso pasta dinner and some fine vino
on a street shadowed by hundreds of years old stone buildings
clothing hanging out on lines
mamas yelling for their bambinos playing in the dirty streets 
or visiting the ponte scaligero or the piazza della erbe
had a friend who went to italy and said it wasn’t that great
think he was trying to make me feel better
now it’s olive garden on a special occasion
not quite the same is it