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July 9, 2020

Blue Moon

Once in a blue moon
I feel like I’m a king
but it’s over all too soon
my old guitar goes out of tune
and this old troubadour can no longer sing

I wrote a brand new chapter 
in this ongoing drama
but all I hear is their laughter
their interest I never could quite capture 
it’s alright I’m used to the trauma

just wanted to break free
be a wanderer and roam
so I sailed off to the wild sea
but it just wasn’t me
so I came back home

put one foot in front of another
keep on going that’s what they say
can’t you help out this brother
you know if I had my druthers
I would have gone a different way 

fate keeps kicking me in the rear
it just isn’t in the cards
that’s not what I signed up my dear
move along there’s nothing to see here 
guess I’ll hang out in the old train yard