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July 7, 2020

Your New Home

it’s all in the past alas alas
what we know now is fading fast 
the things you cling to ain’t gonna last
but you should know that shouldn’t you

they say the only constant is change 
you went out for a drink and somebody rearranged
the furniture in your room and now it’s deranged
now green is red and red is blue

you’ve entered into a strange new place
and there’s nary a familiar face
try to handle it in a state of grace
with the patience of a saint

learn the ropes as quick as you can 
you’ve gotta get up to speed with the plan
you can’t bury your head in the sand
the good old days it ain’t 

now you’ve come to a bend in the road
you’re back is sore from the heavy load
didn’t get as much as you were owed
life just isn’t fair

sometimes two and two don’t make four
thought you thought you knew the score
they don’t count like that anymore 
they just don’t care

there’s nothing dear that you can do
nobody else can stand in your shoes
won’t do you no good to sing the blues
the audience has gone home

all good things come to an end
it’s seems so inglorious my friend 
you’ve got no more postcards to send
now you’re all alone