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July 20, 2020

Abandoned House

broken and shattered glass glitter like twinkling stars always out of reach
crunch crunch like walking on snow
floor littered with trash
debris royale 
memories thrown about here and there and everywhere
—playing cards—postcards—baseball cards
precious things now just left behind debris
discarded shreds of a life once lived there
old trendy clothes scattered about 
some hanging in closets still waiting for their owners to return 
eerie quiet at full throttle
sequined calendars on the walls that an old grandma maybe made
for years long past and mostly 4-gotten
wind blowing through the broken windows 
paint peeling showing previous hue incarnations
greens pinks blues antique white 
mold on walls in brilliant black
dubious stairs into a cobwebbed cellar that who knows what awaits
not EVEN going down there
pull down stairs to an attic containing darkness and the unknown 
a telephone out of 1972 hello hello is there anybody out there?
an rca tv all of 19 inches with rusty rabbit ears 
boots tennis shoes ice skates slippers
long plays cassettes 8 tracks
meant something to somebody some time
old pictures of family [?] friends [?] people of the past
once treasured, now strangers 
wish I could talk to them, who were they, what became of them?
a time capsule of knicks and knacks
this train is at the end of its tracks
last stop--dumpsterville