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July 18, 2020

My Jadedness Is Green

hope I don’t fall victim to that diamond curse
oh but surely one day I’ll be in the back of that hearse
maybe one of those pulled by a horse
I’m dead so I won’t know the difference of course 
a gypsy lady warned me when she read my palm
said I was too relaxed and ready to be embalmed
said I’m ready for death whenever it comes
I hear the bells tolling and the pounding of the drums
I’ve seen everything I wanna see
and some stuff mighty unpleasant to me
kinda glad I’m goin’ out and not comin’ in
green is the color of my jadedness and my patience is thin
they say the key in life is to be able to adapt
but I just can’t adapt to all this crap
I’m not quiet, I just don’t have nothing to say to you
watched all those great plans kinda fall through
you wake up one day and there you are
doing a cameo and not ever the star
you just don’t know how it feels
to be living on beg, borrow, and steal
I’m hungry all day and night
I’m so hungry I got an overdone appetite
so tired so tired gonna let it all go
wind up in the morgue like old john doe
dontcha ever feel sorry for me
that’s the way I wanted it to be
heading over to the crematory
gonna go out in a blaze of glory
spin, release, splash
rest in peace under the grass