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July 22, 2020

A Stone Cutter

so one time there was this stone cutter 
he wasn’t happy about his sta-shun in life
one day he saw a rich man in town
“I bet he’s got it so good” he thought to himself
he thought in that congested, jumbled no fun head of his
“wish I was that dude”
then one day he won the lottery
one chance in hundreds of millions but he did
he bought all he wanted and it wasn’t long
before he was one who was envied
but it wasn’t enough 
but he also wanted power and the riches brought him some
he was sure that’s what he really wanted
so he bought his way into office
and all the perks that come with it like nice exotic vacations
he lay in the sun that beat down on him unmercifully
“Man, that sun is powerful, I wish I had that kind of power.”
With that, he suddenly became the sun
he was enjoying the power of the shine
when a black cloud said “pardon me, excuse me—coming through” 
and got between him and the earth
blocking out his powerful rays and broiling ways
he then envied the cloud that could do such a thing
“I wanna be that cloud” he said
and poof!, he became a black cloud 
but just as he rained down on the little people
the wind blew him away-- “what the hell is this?” he bellowed
“That’s real power! That’s what I wanna be!”
so he became the wind
but he met his match when he blew against a mountain
no matter how hard he tried, the mountain wouldn’t move
“I wish I could be that big rocky mountain” he said
suddenly he was the rock, more powerful he thought than anything
but as stood there proudly, he felt something chipping away at him
“Damn, that hurts...what is it now?” he said exasperated
he couldn’t believe it

he looked down and saw a stone cutter