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May 8, 2020

Dr. Doomandgloom

after a visit with my young pretty blonde doctor—dr. doomandgloom I call her 
needed to take a walk and clear my head
more like forget what she said—time is getting short—a candle about to go out
down a side street next to her office I see
old long time in the family estates flanked by scrub oaks
with volumes of stories to tell in sturdy oak bookcases in immaculate living rooms 
bedrooms that have four poster beds and ornate headboards 
lives lived and lost--marks made
close to downtown, shopping and public transportation 
also close to the homeless pushing their shopping carts or old bicycles 
aimlessly wandering the streets 
tattoo shops, nail salons, pizza places and other assorted bastions 
of crumbling strip plaza staples with signs broken and lights out
for rent signs in front of dirty windowed store fronts
cardboard boxes—other assorted debris scattered across the buckled tiled floor
vietnamese noodle restaurants, tax refund hole in the walls
they don’t ever mention those perks those jesuitical real estate agents
but back to you samantha—this gray overcast mist
a beautiful day in the neighborhood far away from mine
walk down old broken sidewalks lined with wrinkles of old men
mossy green...uh...moss, cheerfully sprouting between them
black ducks and white swans living together harmoniously in a small nearby lake
saw a large hacienda style two story for sale
stylish black window bars and front entryway 
unstylish pepto bismol pink exterior made me sick to my stomach 
walkway to the house almost covered with black mold 
front yard of bermuda crab curmudgeon grass— invasive weeds invading 
courtyard archway frowning sadness personified, help me it mumbles 
upstairs windows sun faded yellow shaded shades pulled down tight
if I had $750,000+ I’d restore it to glory but I’m short like $749,985+
just like me— some TLC—required on this broken down pro-per-ty