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May 6, 2020

Things To Do Before You Die

everybody should get arrested once or at least suspected 
of some something or other caper
be questioned by the god-like po-lice
self-righteous keepers of the kingdom 
you have the right to remain silent 
or give some vague answers to their pointless interrogation
it’s an interesting experience

everybody should be on stage
give the performance of their life--
get rave reviews from prickly fussy bearded men wearing bow ties
who write influential theatre columns for the city paper 
hear the thunderous applause from the SRO audience
watch the curtain fall ENCORE! ENCORE!
autographs paparazzi the usual table at Ma Maison

everybody should stay in a penthouse for a while
see the envy on faces when some poor sod says what floor?
you tell him penthouse and slyly look at the people in the elevator
from the corner of your eye
feel their envy like a light mist upon you 
you’re the last one off ‘cause you’re going to the top
ocean view and the lights of the big city

everybody should drink like a fish until they almost drown
do a bar crawl on the run
serious drinking required deep into the night
three sheets to the wind--damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead
potato chips pork rinds beef jerky popcorn salted peanuts 
cares light years away anything’s possible now
late night shenanigans a pleasant memory if they can be remembered at all

everybody should hit a walk off home run
dive into the endzone for the game winning touchdown 
score the overtime goal on a breakaway
birdie 18 to win the championship 
make a pass on the last lap to take the checkered flag
hit the last second basket on a 20 foot jumper
be the game winning hero

everybody should get those chances
but righteous morality gets in the way
stage fright stops the next Barrymore or Garbo
lack of money means roach stop motels
full of drink just means full of rage depression regrets
alas, some people spend their lives in the dugout—on the sidelines
on the bench—in the woods—in the pits—or among the faceless spectators