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May 10, 2020

You Don't Need Immortality

waste not your thoughts on immortality
you’ve squandered enough time for 10 lives jack
you ain't got nothing important to do
the world will have to try to carry on without you
sarcasm dripping like ice cream in the summer sun
what would be the point of living forever anyway
death gives life its importance-- a 24 second shot clock of sorts to let it fly  
some get nothing but net
others get the roll or bounce
most throw up a brick and clang it off the rim
they live in a virtual four corner stall
north carolina 1970’s revisited
then they still want more time yet
let the philosophers wonder about the meaning of life
let them waste their time debating the unknowable
I don’t think life has much meaning if any at all really
we like to think it does, play games with the illusion
we try to justify our own existence, our importance 
it’s not like I’m anxious for death
I haven’t forwarded my name and address 
but I don’t fear it anymore
it would be the ultimate quiet escape
from all the organized and otherwise craziness 
you just get tired of all the crap
in the end nothing really matters anyway
time is squandered, thrown away for the most part
spent on useless drivel pointless pursuits or people 
in the hope of satisfying ourselves or impressing others
a quest to achieve the pinnacle of meaninglessless