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April 14, 2020

Time Machine

wondering when my luck’s gonna turn sweeping right hander 
spin the helm captain to the bridge
relationship just hit the brown rocks grind grind grind
underneath the burned out lighthouse beacon
SOS blub blub blub under the surging waves
the California don’t come for me either
shooting flares spitting into the black night
nobody’s paying attention rocket’s red glare
listening to beatles songs all day long
makes me happy at least for three minutes or so
tuesday afternoon is really never ending
tuesday night's alright for fighting or just drinking
tuesday weld ain’t coming in so you’ll do
I like the way you move your head and toss your hair
I’m easy to please and you're such a tease I don’t care
colored lights twinkle under the spell of 90 proof octane 
no I don’t wanna go someplace else so bye
just wanna hug the bar so kiss my glass
There’s that song for the 10th time tonight--play something else
new jukebox with old music by dead people
Kingston Trio, Booker T, Elvis, Buddy Holly
I’m building a time machine, who’s coming with me?
some YouTube cliche comment I’m parroting
can’t go back where you’ve never been 
can go home again but really you can’t
it’s been repainted, reshingled, retiled
the roof still leaks stains on the ceiling