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April 12, 2020

51-60 or Fight

let things happen naturally and don’t try to force it
if you’re expecting certain outcomes, you’d better expect the unexpected 
expect the worst-hope for the best but ya never know
step away—be uncommitted to commitments 
send anxiety on a one-way trip to someplace you’re not going like...Pluto
pay attention to the flow and look for the easy way out
why take fifty flights of stairs if you can take the lift old man
do what should be done in accordance with the Way 
be genuine with others and with yourself in accordance with yourself
try to get along with everybody but don’t fret
everybody might not feel the same or hear the music you do
be a lazy judge and limit judgments in your courtroom 
smooth over differences like a spoon over soft ice cream
agree to disagree—live and let live---live in peace— 
one can often accomplish much by doing nothing but nothing 
misfortune is often the twin brother of fortune 
telling them apart can sometimes be most difficult 
show some restraint when behind your wheel
don’t go racing past where your headlights don’t shine
if you do the right thing, you don’t have to worry about
getting tripped up by doing the wrong thing