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April 10, 2020

The Black Sedan

the end will come for all of us--
like the black sedan for the unliked comrade
whose fallen out of favor with the party
it’s not the friendly stranger driving 
it’s a one-way journey no return trip
life is the mother of death and you can’t choose your family
sometimes a whimper, sometimes a bang
like a saturday night special in a liquor store holdup
desperation makes for something or other
sometimes it’s not soon enough 
too much hurt too much disappointment too much pain
too little joy--not enough moments of 8.4 richter scale rapture 
off kilter off the charts tsunami inducing
no one eludes father time forever
it finds you like soviet kgb agents did in the good old days
it catches up whether you’re looking over your shoulder or not
it’s the face with the dead shark eyes around the corner
the voice on the other end that doesn't speak 
it happens to everyone eventually
grim reaper undefeated untied undisputed champion
life fades to gray and then black like a coaltown sky
the turntable shuts off and all is quiet— the music stops