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April 16, 2020

Laying In Bed

laying in bed on my hershey bar dark brown sheets
thinking of all the things I shouldn’t be thinking about
if I wanna get to sleep but my mind races 227 m.p.h.
head on a pillow of concrete but not so soft
don’t remember falling asleep but I guess I did

laying in bed--covers up to my chinny chinn chin ho
cold outside but warm where I’m at babe
hit no smash the snooze button unplug the clock
got a vision problem--can’t see myself going to work
just wanna stay home and vegetate meditate--add to the attrition rate

laying in bed shadows on the wall--
day passing by getting restless--reminds me of staying home from school sick
when I was young--hey where’s mom with my tea and toast
watched some tv and it put me to sleep no better now that then
damned exhausted from laying around all day

not laying in bed no more
been up a couple of hours nice to move again
getting close to time for sleep again
no more bed for me--corner bar say hi to some old liquid friends
probably won’t make work tomorrow either