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April 26, 2020

One Man Band

don’t have to answer to anybody except myself
go where I wanna go
do what I wanna do
like it goes in the old song 
or don’t go where I don’t wanna go
or do what I don’t wanna do
eat what and when I want to eat (or not)
bratwurst for breakfast with mimosas 
ship of dreams arrived in port 
dress oxford snazzy or sit around in east end rags
live where I please--deluxe corner apartment three floors up
the finest pleasures none of them to feel guilty about
living only for my three favorite souls—me myself and I 
nobody looking over my shoulder 
the finest scotch, brandy, tequila
no need to justify the cost of it to anyone
delightfully self-contained in a world of my own
I’ve been alone my entire life and will be— that’s all right with me
don’t care about camaraderie, humanity, it’s all insanity
don’t wanna date women my age with more baggage than British Airways
don’t wanna hear about ex-husbands, boyfriends, kids, grandkids 
rather spend the night alone reading and writing
having a drink and listening to music, dabbling at the easel
there’s been a rare few through the years that I’ve thought of sharing my life with
eventually they disappointed me and let me down
thought they were different but they turned out to be just like the others
went down my own path—didn’t look back
each man is the master of his own fate when fate allows
I’m content to live out the rest of my days
a confirmed bachelor committed to solitude and my own ways