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April 28, 2020

Academic Types Who Live Well

another world--members only--upper crust pot pies
those purveyors of higher level wisdom
broadened a’s of the astute
the dark wood paneling that exude high class snobbery
sturdy solid wooden doors heavy desks with golden metal pulls 
bookshelves crammed with useless knowledge
classics so they say--tired overrated doggerel I say
luscious thick leather chairs not as comfortable as they look
stone fireplaces glass snifters of expensive maroon brandy
academic intelligentsia souls live well
ivy green walls and vines bottom to top
low brick walls covered with crawlers
cobblestone driveways arched entrances into black and white tile vestibules
impressive staircases with ornate carved thick wooden handrails
large windows overlooking manicured maintained gardens
splashes of cadmium yellow, vermilion reds, champagne pinks  
aquamarine blues among the shades of green promenade
a larger than life churchill oil overseeing the drawing room
heavy oak file cabinets full of papers exams records forms
archived for no one to ever care about or look at
etched beveled windows spectrums of light painted on the floor
archways of affluence looming above pathways of power
drapes and tapestries that hide secrets and could speak of intrigue if they had tongues
forceful Wagner playing fortissimo from a study somewhere within the confines
busts of long forgotten scholars writers poets--
we writers should be so lucky as to be forgotten
better than to never make a mark at all
at least if you’re forgotten, you had to be remembered at one time
better than scribbling obscure lines sitting on a park bench 
on a napkin that nobody will ever see