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April 23, 2020


liquid sleep fairy come to my rescue—take me away!
deliver me from the clutches of dead man walking 
24/7 wild wide eyes desperate for respite 
laying on my marble slab mattress wilderness
pillow and blanket made of jumping bean caffeine
mainlining stayawakedness into the blood 
ceiling cracked like mind on fire
yet the water stains help hide the peeling paint
ambulances sirens in the night ricocheting through the streets
bing! bing! bing!
gotta go to my go to gotta go
this sometimes involves some kind of alcohol
medicinal purposes only of course doctor casey 
red green orange fluids of bliss
vodka—god bless the tsar with cranberry juice on your blouse
grape juice pineapple juice juicy juice
whatever juice helps put out my lights like a right cross
scotch with water or straight up the river
schnapps—german of course mein herr 
a berlin wall sledgehammer to the brain
if there’s none of that around the house 
raid the rusty dirty windowed medicine cabinet for nyquil 
only find dayquil non-drowsy damn it!
aaaaannnnnndddddd if there’s none of the above
plan for a long night of staying awake 
wait for the sun to rise in the orange skies