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March 5, 2020

Northbound 21.30 Train

tickets in hand for the 21.30 desperation train
heading northbound into the north country
where they don’t know our names
home of the wind and the wind chill and the snowdrift
three good friends of mine
drill team singing ringing ringing ringing
ringing and ringing off of the steel beast
you can cut their enthusiasm with a machete
position open--samurai--apply within
songs of the old train station and the old ways
filled with ancient echoes of another time
track 12 14 1/2 hours ahead of us
big window to see the city lights
big window to see the countryside and mountains
big window steaming up--can’t see a thing
getting away from something we don’t wanna talk about
regrets aplenty but nothing we can do about it now
we each got a flask so we don’t run short on the way
can’t sleep sitting up so I will pull an all nighter
like back in the days when I went to college
the couple of months I actually went to college 
before I didn’t go to college no more
gonna be cold where we’re going
but we got each other to keep warm