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March 8, 2020

Cheating With Andre Previn

as the darkness falls and the snow flies
once again we’ll tell our spouses lies
so we can be together and it’s like heaven
every minute flies at the speed of sound like a 747
music playing in the romantic red leather restaurant Andre Previn
the guilt is hard but being without you is harder
it ain’t like I can just disregard her
we wouldn’t have to be such plotters
if we ran into each other at the old alma mater
I worry that someday we’re gonna wind up on the police blotter
we got too much to just let go
how long we can keep on hiding it I don’t know
my time is spent thinking of you
and all the things that we could do
if we didn’t have to lie all the time like a damn fool
but I look deep into your eyes and I don’t care
dark shade of black is your silky hair
your luscious lips are ever so inviting
wanting to cash all the checks that you’re writing
I’m the hungry fish that’s always biting
I wish somehow we could always be together
when I’m with you it’s always good weather
gotta run and catch that 7:15 train
I’ll tell her the same old same
working that overtime at the office again