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March 3, 2020

Suite Judy Blurred Eyes

friend won a suite and the view was sweet
I don’t like basketball but hey free food and drink all night long
that’s just askin’ for trouble
I go even though I hate basketball, did I mention I don’t like basketball 
I do love free food and drink
chicken fingers, chicken enchiladas, chicken vodka
all the beer we can drink and we can drink a lot
tickets for 15 friends, acquaintances, strangers, enemies, enemas
he ain’t got that many so he invites his co-workers
bunch of wanker acquaintences from work tagalog 
plus Judy the resident young blonde
she of the short skirts who works on the sixth floor
--object of everyone’s desires
people lookin’ up at us in envy
we be lookin’ down at them with pity
at least for tonight we are the kings
Judy drank like a fish 
helped her swim out to her car good luck babe
she said she could drive who was I to argue?
she wasn’t at work the next day
rumor got around she was kinda sick