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March 21, 2020

My Old Friend

I was thinking of you last night friend
I’d like to get a good look at you
all I got is this dusty yearbook I never wanted
at the bottom of an old rusty gold colored steamer trunk
in the dark cobwebby attic
some memories I don’t really remember at all
seems like ten lifetimes ago 
ones I do remember I wonder if they happened at all 
you didn’t know I thought had ESP did you
until I foretold that I didn’t
we grew up together back in the day
we went through a lot didn’t we?
I used to laugh a lot those were the days my friend 
I thought I led a charmed life
for some reason my prayers weren’t answered
stopped laughing and started scuffling
found myself kicking around in the gutter
we were together an awful long time
we told each other our secrets--our wishes
they never came true, at least mine didn’t
we played football in the pouring rain
that one chilly october afternoon
we knew enough to come out of the rain
didn’t want to though—got soaked to the bones
you said you’re in a good place when we talked on the phone
I’m in a good place too
standing on the edge of the roof 30 stories up
looking down at the traffic below
in need of some real peace now
you were always the lucky one weren’t you
things always went your way
some people are lucky like that they say
I kept going back to square one 
haven’t got the spirit or energy it’s over and done