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March 23, 2020

In A Car

two door impala with vinyl covers over the rip torn seats
the first time--Valerie was her name
she’s lookin’ damn old these days 
but I’m still lookin’ about the same so I think
crease in the passenger door
victim of a hit and run some too much to drink night
I’m glad they never found me
originally cobalt blue--now road salt rust 50%
cold overcast dreary teary november day
5 months fresh out of the high school I couldn’t wait to get out of
now freshly hired steel mill hand-a steelworker man
silently cursing this unfortunate turn of events 
forlorn rain sympathetically tapping on car roof
the tears of a cloud and there's no one around 

black lincoln continental riding in style
pretty red and blue flashing behind me
says I was going 74
thought for sure I was going at least 85
but I don’t tell the man that
blanket covering a steamer trunk in the back seat
asks me if there’s a body under the blanket
seriously behind my dark sunglasses I say not this time
he gets a good laugh out of it
he doesn’t check under the blanket or in the trunk
I don’t have a body in there...this time
tells me to watch my speed and leaves
leaves blowing in his wake
maryland my forgiving maryland

celica dinerette--amigo inside hole in the wall restaurant
some spicy BBQ chicken and fries to go
he comes out grease soaked bag
that’s when you know it’s gonna be good
plenty of napkins and more in the glove box
cold can of beer--root that is
gotta go back to that unholy place called work
and the bossman is there doin his bossin
if we’re late I might get fired like a blunt
he’d be doin’ me a favor really
rush it down and then 55 in a 30 back
get there with a minute to spare--and he ain’t even there
went home for the day...good idea

this young man came rolling home