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March 25, 2020

So Tired So Tired

so tired so tired egghausted
break a few eggs 1.89 a dozen
killing myself to death--i’ll get mad and throw a feast
fix dinner and fall asleep in front of the tv again
if I had an ounce of energy--what time it is
un-stress decompress coalesce straighten this mess
I’m on trial I want my due process
I’m the ogre I’m the bad guy
i wonder what handwriting analysis
would think of my primitive childish scrawl
a last will and testament with nothing to give
a legacy with no leg to stand on
written in the gulag on a piece of imaginary paper with a ghost blue pen
I never had much and what I’ve had I’ve lost
conniving women, dumb ideas, a hundred moves
but I’ve seen a lot of the country
the northeast, midwest, south, west coast so it ain’t all bad
I’d be more successful if I had my druthers
almost all of us are a disappointment to our mothers
high hopes never lived up to
anybody can have a few bad decades or so