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March 18, 2020

Serious Black

when we’re born we have a blank canvas
at least we think we do
we are the serious artist wearing all black
black pants black blouse black undies-- serious black 
and acting over-serious about everything
our art is more important than anything
everything in life is art comrade 
some people just don’t get that at all
they don’t have the touch
they don’t see the blue where there’s yellow
it goes with the territory province state
you can’t be original cause there ain’t no original left
it’s all a derivative--a knock-off of a knock-off
so knock it off jack
with whatever we got
even a morsel of black charcoal
a sketch a study a conceptual throw paint at the wall
cause in the end it don’t matter at all
we can create what somebody likes
or maybe nobody but ourselves but it doesn’t matter
a Monet, Cezanne, perhaps a Matisse
for the slightly off of us that roam the earth, a Picasso or Dali
life is often cubist or surreal
now so more than ever