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January 12, 2020

I Don't Care

the outside needs paint 
I’m thinkin’ it looks kind of quaint
a yellow shade of something
the inside good housekeeping it ain’t
used to be white as snow
the roof is leaking a little
i just don’t care anymore

i don’t have cable tv
don’t miss what I don’t see
no longer in the loop
don’t go to movies
no listen to the radio
don’t bother reading the newspaper
just don’t care anymore

cute little blonde you think you’re so hot
what an actress you’re not
on the TV, on social media
electric smile, all the flirty mannerisms you’ve got
30 years ago I would have been crazy
tongue hanging on the ground
now I just don’t care

local team wins championship
I used to be a big fan but now I don’t give a shit
everybody going nuts
now their lives are complete
not any longer captain
now I don’t care who wins
it don’t pay my rent

give me a bottle or two
the sun, stars, a sky of blue
some peace and quiet
and I’ll be true
snow falling on a January night
shovel scraping on the sidewalk
that’s all that care about now