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January 14, 2020

Tuesday Night

brown hiking boots from the local wal-mart
red plaid plannel (flannel) shirt from someplace i don’t remember
pair of blue jeans I picked up at Goodwill 1.99
bleu montreal canadiens knit hat from the flea market
i’m wearing these and i’m in my comfort zone
sippin’ some coffee at starbucks
extra milk stirred only my confidence is shaken
a little kindness from the flask
the warmth is up to the task
the irishman in me wanting some cafe au irish
small talkin’ with some friends
we’re all just hangin’ out and hangin’ on
people we used to know now just a memory
situations we used to be in now we can laugh
situations we’re gonna be in nothin’ to laugh at
remember that crazy blonde you shacked up with
over the edge--over the line--over before you knew it
barista’s kind of cute though
starting to mist outside making a cold night colder
nowhere to go and no time like the present
i never have anywhere to go