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January 10, 2020

Don't Get Too Close

don’t get too close to your heroes
they may not be what you think they are
you put them up on a pedestal-hero worship
then you discover
they’re just like everybody else
with their neuroses, quirks, warts, and all
you find out things that are disillusioning
then your hero don’t seem so heroic anymore
your hero turns into a zero
it can be disappointing to learn that
they’re not what you thought they were or imagined
they might be quite different in fact
and that’s a big letdown
but you should have known better I suppose
like when you think a song is about something
you invent this kind of idea in your mind
but then you hear the writer/singer say
it’s about something totally different than you thought
I mean you can still like the song
but it’s not the same anymore you know