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January 8, 2020

Service Station

I stood proud on the corner of First and Main
a prime place in the old town 
I was shiny and new dressed to the nines
four pumps and two bays
I was a busy S.O.B. in those times
Ford Packard Dodge Rambler
Studebaker Chevrolet
a Jaguar with a red tartan interior the pompous professor 
who taught psychology at the university drove
college cheerleaders in their high school graduation gifts
lubricated them--filled them up
fixed them on my lifts when they broke down
I remember that blond all-american young jack armstrong type guy 
who worked here part time for a while
went off to war in Asia
never saw him again-I wonder what happened to him
the old man who ran me died one day
his kid took over but he didn’t know where he was standing 
I started selling potato chips beef jerky and other munchies
to funny smelling young guys in green army jackets
business dropped off and in time
they hung a sign in one of my windows 
the cars stopped stopping
I deteriorated—through no fault of my own really
I was just getting old and just like a lot of people my age
nobody cared about me anymore 
there were two guys walking around yesterday though 
saying I was on valuable property
talking about putting a medical building where I am
I guess I don’t have much time left
until they put me out of my misery