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December 28, 2019

Christmas No More

They’re not playing Christmas music anymore on the radio
it’s Christmas evening and instead we’ve reverted to the ‘hits of the 90’s and beyond’ 
like we couldn’t have stood going any longer without hearing the same crap
that they play over and over almost the entire year
so all that build-up and hype for Christmas is gone
now there’s nothing life but torn wrapping paper 
cardboard rolls that make great telescopes when you’re five or six
Brenda Lee, Bobby Helms, Mitch Miller, Bing Crosby no more for 11 months

now it’s get ready for amatuer night on New Year’s Eve
boring ass parties with boring ass people trying to be ‘fun’
people who can’t handle their liquor 
bad dancers, bad kissers, bad memories
I used to go to parties like that but I learned my lesson
I’d rather stay home with a bottle or two
there isn’t even anything decent to watch on TV anymore
I remember watching Guy Lombardo and his Orchestra
from the Waldorf-Astoria in New York with my parents---old people dancing to old songs
sometimes I’d watch Dick Clark on ABC and watch the ball drop in Times Square
but nothing ever seemed to change the next day
life went on as maddeningly tedious as the year before
all this crap about resolutions that people make and have no intention of following through on

I did lose 25 pounds this year but that wasn’t because of no silly resolution
it was because of a horrible picture I saw of myself and decided I needed to lose some weight
I quit eating spaghetti and cut down on the carbs for a while and weight fell off
I don’t watch the carbs so much now and I haven’t gained anything
so it must have been all the spaghetti I ate
it’s cheap and quick to make for us poor people so I miss that
I can’t say I miss the spaghetti so much
maybe I’ll go have a plate of it now for the hell of it and put on some Christmas music