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December 30, 2019

Folk Singer

you used to be cute and be alright
playing your music in the coffeehouse all night
the young crusader putting up a fight
we were young and naive in those days
united in thought during that crazy phase
but destined to go our separate ways

you sang against society’s ills
your quivering voice gave me the chills
but there was too much booze and too many pills
you sang of love and sang of peace
around your neck were colorful beads
every now and then a run-in with the police

now lighten up baby lose that frown
now you just bring everybody down
once in awhile you should just go downtown
the songs just don’t matter like they used to
like when i’d turn on the tv and i’d see you
time has moved on that’s what it do

still you strum your guitar and sing your songs
you still think you can right all the wrongs
you long for the day you used to sing for throngs
you used to sing against the war
but even then you didn’t know the score
you don’t realize nobody listens to you anymore