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December 26, 2019

Phillipe Petain

Here’s to old Marshall Philippe Petain     
The Lion of Verdun                         
French hero in the First World War                           
French traitor in The Second World War
in charge of the puppet government…
boo him…
it didn’t turn out well for the Generale as the French say
...after the war, P├ętain was tried 
he faced a military tribunal 
that never turns out well
convicted for treason
...oh oh…
he was originally sentenced to die
but he was an old man
maybe senile
so he got a break
his sentence was commuted to life in prison
it was thought for a long time he supposedly said during WW1
“They shall not pass” 
a great quote about the German army
but now somebody said it’s said he didn’t say it
someone else said it 
poor old guy
history hasn’t been kind to him but I guess he had it coming